• We are working on a Top Ten Summer Hikes List to share with + engage our community + want your input via an online survey for which 10 it is going to be! • • We are looking forward to putting the results together thanks to you all taking the time to fill out our... Continue Reading →

We are so honored to be the Outdoor Women's Alliance Women of the Month! Haven't Heard of OWA? Well here's the scoop! Their Mission: Promoting women in outdoor adventure. Outdoor Women's Alliance is a nonprofit media organization that encourages, educates, and engages females in adventure sports. We work with professional and aspiring athletes and brands to... Continue Reading →

Hey ladies due do an overwhelming interest in this hike our attendee roster is full! We increased the number of girls to 14 instead of 10! This months Hike365 event is on Sunday March 22nd and we are either heading up to Black Rock Mountain or Aylmer Lookout Views include: Devil's Head, Mt Aylmer, Phantom... Continue Reading →

How a Chicago man hampered his own rescue from the Columbia Icefield, and what searchers learned from him. Our friends over at Highline Magazine have a knack for sharing some pretty amazing stories, and we think this one takes the cake (for now that is, we can't wait for their next issue!) “I think the... Continue Reading →

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