Summer is short up here in the north and having a game plan for where you want to go + what you want to experience ahead of time means more room in your schedule to make the most of the season!  To help you with future planning, we went over all the fun things we... Continue Reading →

Hike 365’s BARK BARS! Here is an amazingly nutritious, superfood dense trail treat that is sure to leave your friends licking their fingers and asking for more. Taking 15 minutes or less to whip together, plus min 30 minutes freezer time, this is a quick, easy and delicious snack that’s great for gluten + dairy... Continue Reading →

Over the past few months we've partnered with the fine folks over at Munk Pack to try out their 3 flavours of ready-to-eat oatmeal fruit squeezes packed w/ grains & fruit bites on the trail! Here's the LOW-DOWN on them! Ready-to-eat, on the go! Sustained Energy w/ Fiber (3-4g) Sugar from Fruit Only Omega 3... Continue Reading →


WOW! That sums up our Hike365 Cirque Peak Summit Adventure on July 14th! With an amazing group of girls attending, we enjoyed a full day outdoors together, and met some amazing people at the summit too! Here are some of the photos and a few details on the hike! Hike Name + Distance: Helen Lake... Continue Reading →

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