Being new to a sport can be intimidating, embrace the sport, make new friends and find out through that new friendship why that person is crushing the 13's!  I'm sure it will help with your motivation.

"I would say simply that the mountains are for everyone. I think no matter what level of outdoor adventurer you are - from weekend hikers to professional alpine climbers - we can all get out in it. "

Save Your Gear - Part 1: Puffy Jackets. Done the right way, you can make your favourite piece last forever.

Women's only AST 1 Course Canadian Rockies Mountain Guides is pleased to be offering an Avalanche Skills Training program exclusively for women on December 2nd and 3rd (Saturday & Sunday). This two day course will feature a 7 hour in class component on Day 1 at the Canmore Recreation Centre (Ha Ling Room) and a... Continue Reading →

The Zipka made by Petzl, is also easy to turn on and off with a soft button, but doesn’t turn on when it is in your pocket or rolling around in your pack. 

Welcome to the second instalment of Hike365’s Quiet Days + Cool Nights: Recipes + Shoulder Season Adventures in the Alberta Rockies. If you missed part one, head over there now! This time we went south to Beaver Mines Lake Campground  for a beautiful day hike up Table Mountain in the Castle Crown Area, beers at a... Continue Reading →

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