Call for Contributors!

We are launching a storytelling travel + photos series for and our social media platforms | newsletter this fall + are looking for contributors!

We are looking for girls who have an interest in photography + creative writing to guest post on our social media daily during an outdoors centered trip anywhere from a weekend getaway to a month long journey that you are taking either solo or with a group of females over the next 6 months! If that’s you, keep reading and get in touch with us before you head on your trip!


We are not necessarily looking for a mountain based trip, so if you are headed somewhere other than the mountains don’t be shy!

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 6.21.21 PM

Criteria: for consideration please send us the following to

EMAIL SUBJECT: Hike365, Welcome to: “insert your destination here”

-Your name, location, social media handles <IG, TW, FB, WEB, G+>, email address + a photo of you!

—Where you are going, duration of trip, what inspired your adventure!

-Why you believe sharing your outdoor story + travel experience through creative writing + photographs is a good fit for the Hike365 community!

-6 low res sample photos

-Your upcoming trip details ( basic itinerary )

your itinerary must include, with names and basic details:

  • 1 hike l snowshoe or ski
  • 1 overnight stay at a campground | shelter or backcountry style cabin | hut | yurt
  • 1 local outdoor shop visit <you can contact the shop prior to arrange an inside look!>
  • 1 visit to a local food truck, restaurant, or cafe
  • at least 1 other activity (i.e.: museum, canoe/boat ride, mtn biking, climbing, surfing, drive up photo opportunity, brewery etc)


-Send 6 low res samples of the types of photos you would like to share while on your trip <please have a look at the style of the Hike365 feed for additional inspiration>

  • trip planning <writing, looking at maps, books used, etc>
  • on the road <this can include motion filming, go pros, your vehicle parked at a cool spot, your pack set up on the trail>
  • sunset + sunrise images
  • lifestyle images <reading, cooking, watching the landscape etc>
  • location images <hiking trail, vistas, restaurants, cafes, outdoor shops, campsite, etc>
  • what’s in your pack, cooking + food images, trail snacks
  • group shots of your crew at sunset or sunrise
  • accomodation images <campers, car camping, camping, tents, cabins, huts etc>
  • astral photography
  • activity photos <hiking, biking, climbing, canoeing, skiing, etc>


-You must have access to Internet / wifi once a day to send your daily photo + caption to us!


-A blog post written by you, summarizing your trip with photos to be published on will be required after your trip in a timely manner and will be promoted on our Instagram, Facebook + Twitter channels.

  • Your blog post must include:
  • a report on your hike <stats, 4-6 photos, description, location, gear used, snacks, comments>
  • overnight stay at a campground or backcountry review <gear used, 4-6 photos, description, location, comments>
  • local outdoor shop visit <4-6 photos, location, history/story from owner if possible>
  • visit to a local food truck, restaurant, or cafe<4-6 photos, review on your order, location, story/history>
  • other activity (i.e.: museum, canoe/boat ride, mtn biking,skiing, snowboarding, climbing, surfing, drive up photo opportunity, brewery etc

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