Hike365 Event April 19th! is FULL!

OUR APRIl 19th HIKE is FULL! We are so excited!

This months Hike365 event is Sunday April 19th and we are either heading Westwind Pass in Kananaskis or to another similar location should weather change.

Important: we are NOT hiking in the Wind Valley + Wind ridge which are seasonally closed Dec-June 15th. West Wind Pass accessed from the trail leading from the Smith Dorrien side. We do not enter the Wind Valley at any time during this hike. Should you have concerns regarding this hike and the seasonal closures which do not affect our hike refer to a map of the region which will outline the location of West Wind Valley/Wind Ridge <closed> + West Wind Pass <open> to each other.

Views include: Spray Lakes, Wind Valley, backside of 3-sisters, Windtower

Westwind Pass Registration Opens: Tuesday April 14th 9am MST
Group Maximum: 7
Trail Rating: Moderate due to elevation gain
Distance: 6km return
Elevation Gain: 380m
Duration: 3-4 hours

Trail Description:
• We follow trail to the pass overlooking Spray Lakes on one side + the Wind Valley on the other. The trail is somewhat steep after passing under a rock and + then climbing up to open at the pass.
• we may encounter ice and snow.

Parking Lot + Trail Head Location + Directions:
Parking Lot: We will be meeting at 9am Take Hwy 1 west from Calgary, and drive to Canmore. Take the Spray Lakes Road from Canmore, past the Nordic Centre and drive approx 22km. The pulloff parking is 1.4 km PAST the sign for Driftwood Day Use Area. )

Experience Level:no hiking experience necessary. required.

Fitness Level: must be able to hike at a pace allowing us to gain almost 400m in a short distance at a consistent pace.

Equipment Required: Proper hiking attire | Headlamp/Flashlight | Hiking Boots | Bear Spray ( you cannot attend the hike without bear spray + a headlamp or flashlight

Equipment Recommended:
Hiking Poles | Gaiters:  Please pack appropriately for a change in weather as we will be on the trail for no less than 5 hours.

Dog Note: Dogs are permitted + encouraged! They are to be on leash at all times when on the trail. NOTE: By registering for this free event April 19th 2015 you are acknowledging the risks associated with mountain travel, holding yourself accountable for your own actions.With this acknowledgement through registering for a free event on April 19th 2015 you agree that all attendees (organizers + participants) of this meet up cannot be held liable should something happen to you due to your own actions + or the actions of nature.


Please email: hello@hike365.org with your full name, Instagram user name, phone number, and the date of your completed questionnaire.

Our hikes are first come first serve, so make sure your completed questionnaire date is included in your email!

We do not accept early registrations. Please complete your questionnaire HERE and include your completion date with your registration email request!

ALTERNATE HIKES: Should inclement weather ie: heavy rain or snow in days prior, below normal temperatures occur, we will be choosing an alternate hike of:

  1. a) Taylor Lake (12.6km; 585 m elevation gain, trailhead: Taylor Creek Day-use area 8 km west of Castle Junction on the south side of the Trans-Canada Highway )


This is a FREE hike, we are a group of girls meeting at a trail head to hike the same trail. You are responsible for your own self on the trail and we are not liable. By attending this free event you are agreeing to our terms, and must acknowledge our waiver/questionnaire that will be sent to your email. You are required to email transfer a $25 deposit to hello@hike365.org to complete your registration. This deposit will be paid back to you at the trail head. If you are unable to attend the event or cancel, your deposit is only returned to you provided we can find a girl to fill your spot. We hope that you understand Hike365 is based on the concept of building community among women who want to meet other girls to hike with and connect in the future on our own hikes. We have a large number of girls who join the wait list for our events, but with short notice often cannot attend if someone cancels. The basis of the deposit is so that if you need to cancel, you do so within an ample timeline and we are then able to get another hike365’er out on the adventure! Hike365 is only open to women, sorry boys!

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