Made in Canada Giveaways!

We love a good giveaway!!!

We’ve started a monthly contest on instagram for our community members to share their recent adventures using #hike365 + #hike365FEB (the second tag changes each month). By sharing their photos using these tags, anyone (boys included) are entered to win the monthly parcel full of Canadian Made goods from our favourite designers and artists!

As these giveaways build momentum (we are only on our third one!) We hope to bring in additional Canadian partners who can help us to outfit our girls for the trail with some great outerwear + hiking items through this positive contest to inspire girls + guys to explore nature all 365 days of the year!

Take a look below for some of this month’s amazing goods we will be sending to one lucky Hike365’er!

To enter use tags #hike365 + #hike365FEB on your best photos from recent adventures on your profile! We pick 4 finalists at the end of each month, and let our community vote for the winner! This is a great way to engage with Alberta’s first + only all girls hiking community!

Want to partner with us for our upcoming giveaways? Drop us a line here and we will get right back to you! We love Canadian designed + made goods, but if you think we’re a good fit to promote your brand let’s start a conversation!

White Owl Clay by Laura Sharp

Element Botanicals by Amber + Hardy Hasse


Winter Woolies by Kristen Buchholtz

She’s So by Karly Thomspon


North Birch Grove by AVW Photography



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