Highline Magazine + Earning Turns with the Ladies!

Highline Magazine


Have you ladies heard of Highline? We’ve lived in Canmore for a while now and always wondered what the brains behind this amazing 2 time yearly publication + ongoing online magazine was about, so we caught up with Kristy for a cup of a coffee and a walk along the river one morning to chat a bit about Highline.

“Our mission is to inspire people to engage more deeply in the unique mountain culture and vast wilderness of the Canadian Rockies” Kristy tells us. With a team of amazingly talented women working together we realized Hike365 + Highline were meant to be friends! Stay tuned for some great projects coming soon we will be partnering on!

Until then we will happily be sharing some of our favourite articles Highline has written with you directly!

Photo By Kristy Davidson
Photo By Kristy Davidson

Earning Turns with the Ladies

Here at Hike365 we take mountain safety in all seasons seriously, but especially winter mountain travel as it inherently comes with a lot more hazards to consider before heading out.

Chloe Vance tells her story on her starting journey in winter avalanche safety skills with the article Earning Turns with The Ladies, so check it out! With links to various women’s specific winter skills training programs this article is a great resource and just might push you to take that AST1 course you’ve been talking about for ages.

“I realized taking an avi course was just the first step of a life-long learning journey” -Chloe Vance

Read the whole article HERE!


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