February’s Hike365 Adventure!


Given the mild temperatures last week we have been working hard on this months selections to ensure both safe adventuring + beautiful views and will be heading out on February 15th!

We will be releasing the full details (photos included), registration questionnaire + sign up date/time later on this week!

This month’s adventure offers two choices dependent on what activity you prefer!

Hike365 Feb 15th Snowshoeing|Hike

Tower Lake Banff Nat’l Park
Group Maximum: 7 girls
Trail Rating: Moderate
Distance: 14.8km return (7.7km each way)
Elevation Gain: 600-650m
Duration: Minimum 6 hours return

Note: We will not be continuing past Tower Lake to Rockbound Lake.  As per our Hike365 standards + guidelines we do not as an organized group travel beyond an Avalanche Terrain Exposure Class 1 as per Parks Canada Avalanche Terrain Ratings for Backcountry Touring in the  Mountain Parks. If you want to go to Rockbound Lake please pursue this destination on your own time ** 🙂

Hike365 Feb 15th XC Ski
{ one destination will be determined later on this week based on conditions , stay tuned}

Stony Warden Cabin Via Cascade Valley
Group Maximum: 8 girls
Trail Rating: Moderate (due to distance)
Distance: 14.8km one-way, or 29.2km return
Elevation Gain: moderate, pleasant rolling terrain
Duration: Minimum 6 hours return
Current Conditions: poor/fair

Sundance Lodge
Group Maximum: 8 girls
Trail Rating: Moderate-Difficult (due to distance and elevation gain) There is a a long switch backing steep section on the way back that requires proficient snowplowing ability!
Distance: 13.9km one-way, or 27.8K return.
Elevation Gain: 400m net elev and 180m+ of gross elev gain (ups + downs) = 480m
Duration: Minimum 6 hours return
Current Conditions: poor + fair for brewster and healy creek

Red Earth Creek
Group Maximum: 6 girls
Trail Rating: Difficult “Redearth creek is not a beginner’s trail. You should have a proficient snowplowing ability” – Bob Truman skihere.ca
Distance: 10.6K one-way, or 21.2K return.
Elevation Gain: 325m net elev and 400m+ of gross elev gain (ups and downs) = 725m
Duration: Minimum 6 hours return
Current Conditions: Lower section poor – icy. Upper section good.

-**Not all sign posted summer destinations are safe for winter travel. Please research any trail you ware wanting to take appropriately.
– **These are recommendations for snowshoeing, xc skiing + hiking only.
– **If you are getting out there to play in areas that avalanches are possible, make sure to take an avalanche safety course to recognize the hazards involved with winter mountain travel. Always check avalanche.ca before you head out and know the snow
– **No winter hikes/skis/snowshoes can be listed on our blog as free from all avalanche hazards due to the nature of winter travel. By using these recommendations you are acknowledging the risks associated with winter travel, holding yourself accountable for your actions.

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