Our NEW Monthly Giveaway + An Amazing First Winner

Last month we decided to start a monthly contest on our Instagram feed: we encourage girls in our community to share their recent hiking adventures using #hike365 in order to enter. At the end of the month we pick 4 finalists and let the community vote for a winner. A parcel of goodies from local artisans, designers, and outdoor companies is sent out to the winner and a new search for the next months winner begins!

This month we (with much difficulty we must say) narrowed our contestants down based on a common thread: the Rocky Mountains! ( we figured this was suitable given that we are based in the Rockies!)

Here are our four finalists’ images


Please visit their Instagram profiles to see what wonderful adventures they have been up to!

Our winner this month is Chanel!

Here is her photo and her story:


“The picture is of me and my mother. She was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disorder about 5 years ago. Part of the disorder involves her body attacking her own muscles. She is on trial basis treatment because there is no cure for it and she faces many ups and downs including not being able to pick herself up off a bench. I don’t hike with her but today was special and she felt good so we headed to the mountains.

After a lot of struggle and many hours we made to a beautiful spot and i can’t explain the excitement in her eyes and voice. Its one of those moments we all live for. The picture is much more than two people enjoying a view. It represents the struggles we all face, the hope we carry with us and the moments that we can’t put into words. The moments that make all of our struggles worth it, that are often moments of great love. It constantly reminds me of the moments we all take for granted. And the peace that adventuring brings to the soul.

I want to thank you girls again, and maybe ill get a chance to meet you girls one day. ”


We were awestruck by the story behind Chanel’s photograph and we have to thank her so much for sharing this with us. By sharing her story of how she explores nature year round we are inspired daily!

Hike365 girls!

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