August 16th Hike365 North Molar Pass!

Happy Tuesday!

Hey ladies! This months Hike365 event is on August 16th and we are going to do North Molar Pass in Banff National Park along the Ice Fields Parkway!

(note: our poster image is from Mt Bourgeau, not Molar Pass, this is a new hike for us too!)

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Name: North Molar Pass in Banff National Park, trail head located 2.25hours from Calgary

Photo By Alexandra at Making Waves

Photograph by Alexandra over at Making Waves Blog


North Molar Pass offers some of the most spectacular high-country hiking terrain in the Bow Lake / Saskatchewan Crossing area: extensive above treeline meadows with expansive scenery + lush wildflower meadows. ( quoted from Gem Trek Publishing )

North Molar Pass is the third highest pass accessible by trail in Banff National Park.

The trail climbs briefly at the start, then settles in a mostly gentle ascent on a rocky and rooty path along Mosquito Creek. You cross to the south side of the creek just after Mosquito Creek Campground, then back to the north side 1.8km later, just before Molar Pass Junction.

Staying left at the Molar Pass Junction at 7.4km, we will ascend into alpine meadows which extend for more than 3km. About one 1lkm before North Molar Pass, the grade steepens and the path becomes rockier. Molar Mountain will be visible to the southeast, just before the pass.

Snow pack should be at a minimum as we are hiking in mid August, as the pack can be a problem through late July. Please pack accordingly for potential walking on snow.

We will not descend from North Molar Pass into Fish Lakes as this would require an overnight camp, bringing our hike to 30km. Perhaps an overnight trip will have to be planned next year!

North Molar pass is a day hike recommended for strong hikers as the return distance is 23.8km

Trail Rating: Strenuous ( as rated by Gem Trek Publishing )
Distance: 11.9km one way (23.8km return)
Elevation Gain: 760m (2,495ft)
Duration: Minimum 8-9 hours return

Map: Our route begins at Mosquito Creek Campground 7.4km to Molar Pass Junction, 4.5km to North Molar Pass

Hike Information & Photos: Thanks to Alexandra over at Making Waves for a great post + photographs on this hike HERE

Optional Route: A group of 2 girls minimum can choose to hike 7.4km with the group, and branch off towards Molar Pass. You are responsible for yourselves as the rest of the group will continue to North Molar Pass.
Molar Pass Details: 10.5km one way (21km return), rated strenuous, elevation gain of 510m (1,675ft), 7-8hours return

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.21.28 AM

Photograph by Alexandra over at Making Waves Blog

Trail Head Location + Directions:

Trail head is located approximately 2.25hrs from Calgary.
You can camp at Mosquito Creek Campground ( walking distance to trail head) on Friday night! Search the grounds for a vintage Boler trailer on friday night to say hi to a few of us girls!  We will be camping Saturday evening as well.

Drive west on Hwy 1 past Banff to the Hwy 93 ( Icefields Parkway ) junction
Take Icefields parkway 24km north.
Watch for signs Mosquito Creek Campground + Hostel
Park in the gravel lot immediately below the parkway.
The trailhead is on the parkway’s east side, just north of the Mosquito Creek bridge.

START TIME: 9am sharp!

Experience Level:
8-10hr day hike before, 600m+ elevation gain experience preferred.

Fitness Level: must be able to hike consistently at a pace allowing us to gain 760m (2,495ft) over 11.9km with minimal breaks ( a nice long lunch at a great viewpoint is always a must!)

Equipment Required: Bear Spray

Photo by Alexandra at Making Waves

Photograph by Alexandra over at Making Waves Blog


Registration opens Wednesday August 6th Please email: with your full name, phone number, and we will send you a quick questionnaire to fill out so we can get to know each other better!

You can also expedite the process by downloading the questionnaire HERE  and sending your responses in with your registration email request!


This is a FREE hike, we are a group of girls meeting at a trail head to hike the same trail. You are responsible for your own self on the trail and we are not liable. By attending this free event you are agreeing to our terms, and must acknowledge our waiver that will be sent to your email.

You are required to email transfer a $25 deposit to to complete your registration. This deposit will be paid back to you at the trail head. If you are unable to attend the event or cancel, your deposit is only returned to you provided we can find a girl to fill your spot.

We hope that you understand Hike365 is based on the concept of building community among women who want to meet other girls to hike with and connect in the future on our own hikes. We have a large number of girls who join the wait list for our events, but with short notice often cannot attend if someone cancels. The basis of the deposit is so that if you need to cancel, you do so within an ample timeline and we are then able to get another hike365’er out on the adventure!

Hike365 is only open to women, sorry boys!

Metsa will be there as always!

Metsä the blue heeler will be joining us  on leash at all times (except for photo ops sometimes 😉 . If you want to bring your pup we love the company!  We ask that your dog remains on leash at all times, and is good with other dogs.

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