July Event!


Hey ladies! This months Hike365 get together is on Monday July 14th and it’s Cirque Peak summit time! We are limiting this event to 8 girls this time so sign up quick!


Name: Helen Lake to Cirque peak in Banff Natl Park

Trail Head Location + Time:

Take icefieldsparkway 33km north of Lake Louise Junction.
Watch for signs Crowfoot Glacier Viewpoint
You can camp at WaterFowl Lakes on Sunday night too, which is where we will probably!

start time: 915am sharp!

Hike Information & Photos: Hike info & additional photos
Views include: Wapta Icefields, Dolomite, Crowfoot & Bow Glacier.

Hike distance: 14.5km

Elevation gain: 1050m

Length: 8-10hrs

Experience Level: 8-10hr day hike before, 800m+ elevation gain experience preferred.
Experience with scrambling necessary.

Fitness Level: must be able to hike consistently at a pace allowing us to gain 1050m over 6.75km with minimal breaks, and be comfortable with scrambling and heights.

Equipment Required: Bear Spray

Optional Hike
Helen Lake en route to Cirque Peak ( if you are doing this alone you can wait at the lake for the group or hike back solo. we highly recommend 2 girls choosing this option to do together)

Helen lake detailsdescription & photos here

Hike Distance: 10km return approx

Elevation Gain: Approx 450m

Equipment Required: Bear Spray


Registration opens Friday July 4th. Please email: hike365@northbirchgrove.com with your full name, phone number, and why you’re stoked to join in the fun of hike365!!!!

This is a FREE event, we are a group of girls meeting at a trailhead to hike the same trail. You are responsible for your own self on the trail and we are not liable. By attending this free event you are agreeing to our terms.

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