After Hiking Style with Thefoxandfern

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Hey everyone ! It’s Jocelyn From ! I’m doing a guest post to talk about what to wear after a hike. Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

This is an outfit I would wear after hiking. Lets be serious, after doing any kind of physical activity it takes a lot more effort to get done up. This outfit isn’t too different from my actual hiking get up except for the fact that these boots obviously wouldn’t cut it on a trail. They sure are cute though! When you finish hiking, you’re most likely sweaty and gross and if you want to go out for dinner and drinks you will probably want to change into something clean. You probably don’t want to spend a lot of time changing either. It’s nice to keep it simple with a t shirt, flannel and a pair of shorts. I added my white toque because there is no easier fix to messy sweaty hair than a hat! I suppose if you’re a fan of ponytails or buns that will suffice also. Lastly switch out your hiking boots to a pair of cute regular boots (or sneakers) and you’re good to go!

This outfit consists of a flannel I picked up at H&M. It can be a little harder to find these in the summer so I was pretty excited when I found this one! The t shirt i’m wearing underneath is by a company called Whiteout workshop. It’s got cute little paper airplanes on it! how adorable is that?!

Outfit Details: Flannel: H&M / Shirt: Whiteout Workshop / Shorts: ?? / Boots: Hibou (Little Burgundy) / Backpack: Fjallraven / Toque: Bilabong


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