We’ve all been there before: you’re packing for a trip but need to keep it light because you’ve likely only got a backpack or carry-on luggage to work with.

Spring Skiing in Nakiska Has Started!

There is something so delightful about spring skiing! We recently joined a crew of amazing girls including Freeride World Tour qualifier Michelle Locke at Nakiska Ski Area to take some of the first turns of the spring season!

Hike365 Friends Do Chester Lake

Chester Lake, located in Spray Valley Provincial Park Kananaskis, AB, welcomes all who love the outdoors. From hikers to cross-country and backcountry skiers and snowshoers, this dog-friendly trail is popular with adventurers of all levels and takes about 2-4 hours to complete.

Being new to a sport can be intimidating, embrace the sport, make new friends and find out through that new friendship why that person is crushing the 13's!  I'm sure it will help with your motivation.

"I would say simply that the mountains are for everyone. I think no matter what level of outdoor adventurer you are - from weekend hikers to professional alpine climbers - we can all get out in it. "

Save Your Gear - Part 1: Puffy Jackets. Done the right way, you can make your favourite piece last forever.

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